Mark Matuschak


Mark Matuschak is an experienced trial lawyer who focuses on patent, trademark, and trade dress litigation. He has often been brought in shortly before trial as lead counsel to craft winning strategies in difficult-to-win cases and jurisdictions and on appeals. Mr. Matuschak has tried dozens of cases, obtained the first-ever jury verdict of patent invalidity in the Eastern District of Texas, won a number of notable trademark and trade dress cases in the financial services, consumer products, and industrial design areas, handled precedent-setting trademark litigation appeals, and delivered quick settlements, summary judgment, or trial victories in patent cases across a wide range of technological areas. Mr. Matuschak has an extensive pro bono practice, including handling appeals on key public policy issues including taxation and labor issues, for the Boston-based think tank Pioneer Institute, as well as criminal defense issues for both the National and New York Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and successfully resolved numerous cases for the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.


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