For 33 years, Pioneer Institute has combined academic-quality research and professional advocacy to drive positive change in education, economic opportunity, healthcare, and accountable government. The Institute believes these policy areas have the greatest influence on prosperity and civic life in America.

The shortest list of Pioneer’s accomplishments includes Massachusetts’ best-in-the-nation charter schools, expansion of vocational-technical schools, the state’s high-quality liberal arts curriculum, and MCAS; reforms that have improved public services in areas such as transit, water resource management, and budgeting; and the promotion of a stable tax and regulatory environment conducive to sustained employment and economic growth. Our work has benefited hundreds of thousands of school children, commuters, entrepreneurs and employees, and improved the quality and transparency of the Commonwealth’s governance.


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PioneerLegal is a non-partisan, public interest law firm that defends and promotes educational options, accountable government and economic opportunity across the Northeast. PioneerLegal achieves its mission through legal research, amicus briefs, and litigation.